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How can a working mom make breastfeeding work?

Mom, you are making one of the most important decisions of your baby’s life. And healthcare services do exist to support you in your efforts.

First of all, know that many doctor’s offices provide breastfeeding support and counseling. And any fees that may associated with these services are often covered by insurance. Most women participant in these services without having to pay a copay or have coinsurance.

Secondly, when you return to work you will probably be taking a breast pump with you. Most health insurance providers must cover the cost of your breast pump. Whether it is a rental unit or one you purchased, you will receive support for the decision you made.

SPECIAL NOTE: Your plan provider may have guidelines on the style of pump (manual or electric), length of rental, or when you’ll receive it (before or after birth). A quick phone call is all it takes to learn about these guidelines.

Thirdly, your doctor is your best ally when you make the decision to breastfeed. Insurance plans and providers will often follow your doctor’s recommendations on what is medically appropriate for you, your baby and your situation. Pre-authorization may be required by your insurance provider. Discuss your decision with your doctor as early in your pregnancy as you can.

It will also be important to communicate with your employer about your decision to breastfeed. Your employer may already have a quiet and comfortable space prepared for you to use. If not, most employers are willing to create one. Also, be honest about how breastfeeding will impact your schedule. You may need to request longer break times or lunches.