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Providing Benefits for Employees

First all, congratulations! Being able to grow your business is exciting and rewarding. Let’s keep that momentum going.

There are many benefits an employer can provide to their employees. These benefits can include gym memberships, food discounts, access to daycare or parking. But one of the main benefits employees look for is healthcare.

Employees are looking for healthcare options that allow them access to a primary doctor, emergency room visits, preventative care, dental, vision, and prescription coverage. Your employees may also grow their family and require additional services throughout the time you employ them.

Being able to offer a robust health insurance program to your employees that will grow with them can be one of the greatest benefits you provide. So, which provider and programs are right for you? Well, that’s where we come in. You can certainly wade through the many providers in the marketplace. Or, you can call our office and let us do that work for you.

We are an independent broker and can review any insurance provider and plan with you. We’ll listen to your needs and find a plan that fits the business and the people you employ. By signing up through us you will only have one point of contact when you or an employee has any questions or problems. And we are real, live people. Not an automated, phone system.