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A white Christmas! Huge piles of snow everywhere you go. Children spending their school break building snowmen and snow forts. The joys of Winter!
Beautiful as it has been, the freezing temperatures and cold, blowing snow makes my eyeballs feel like they are going freeze over every time I go outside. Then the sun gets to gleaming off the fresh snow and I feel blinded by the light that surrounds me.
So, I got to thinking. Should I be wearing my sunglasses even in the winter? Should I have some sort of eye protection when I shovel my walks and driveway?
We normally associate protective eyewear with our industry and sunglasses with summer time. But I was reading a blog by Blue Cross Blue Shield about protecting your eyes 365 days a year. And that means in the winter, too.
So, what should we be doing in the winter to protect our eyes? Here are a few tips:
1. Keep your eyes moist. All the extra heat sources in our homes and offices can dry out our eyes. Keep a good moisturizer handy and use it. Also, don’t sit too close to your cozy fireplace.
2. Wear sunglasses with UV protection. Snowy conditions can actually double the sun’s effects. UV rays enter your eyes from above and are reflected off the snow. A hat with a visor will also help block some of the rays.
3. Wear goggles. It is easy for debris to get into your eyes. Find a pair of goggles with UV protection–or that allow you to also wear your sunglasses underneath–for ultimate protection in the winter.
If you experience particularly uncomfortable dry eye be sure to make an appointment to see your eye doctor. Seek immediate help if you think your eyes have been damaged by debris.