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I recently wrote an article about the benefits of a having and seeing a primary healthcare doctor. In many cases, these doctors are willing to see a whole family during one appointment. So, there’s no excuse for the hard-working mother to miss out on important screenings and healthcare.

In fact, there are quite a few preventative services specifically provided to women and mothers. These types of services often do not require a copay or coinsurance.

    Anemia screening
    Breastfeeding support and counseling
    Folic acid supplements
    Expanded tobacco intervention and counseling
    Urinary tract and other infections screenings
    STI and STD screening
    Rh incompatibility screening
    Gestational diabetes screening

There may be even more services available from your plan provider. Women, Moms and Wives, please make the call and know what services are available to you. And please take care of yourselves, too. We need you.