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Why should you work with a registered agent to help you choose the right plan(s) for your employees or family?

  • Getting face-to-face, professional service doesn’t cost you any more than trying to wade through online options on your own. Your premium will be the same whether you buy insurance from an agent/broker or directly from a company. The agent/broker’s services are free.
  • An independent agent/broker is not tied to a specific company. So you are able to review different options through different insurance companies.  Buying directly from a company, or an agent representing one company, may give you various plan options through a single company – but your options are limited to that one company.
  • When problems or questions arise you are able to go directly to your agent/broker for help instead, of wading through the company’s 800 number.  When you use purchase your plan through Surwill Insurance, you have a real, live person to call. NOT a company’s automated phone system.

At Surwill & Company Insurance, we understand that health insurance can be confusing. We are here to help you and your business. We are only a call or email away.